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R E V I E W S H E E T 30 Anatomy of the Heart Gross Anatomy of the Human Heart 1. An anterior view of the heart is shown here. Match each structure listed on the left with the correct letter in the figure. g j r u b k d n a 1. right atrium 2. right ventricle 3. left atrium c a b o 4. left ventricle 5. superior vena cava 6. inferior vena cava 7. ascending aorta 8. aortic arch 9. brachiocephalic artery 10. left common carotid artery 11. left subclavian artery 12. pulmonary trunk 13. right pulmonary artery 14. left pulmonary artery 15. ligamentum arteriosum 16. right pulmonary veins 17. left pulmonary veins 18. right coronary artery 19. anterior cardiac vein t s w x v 20. left coronary artery 21. circumflex artery 22. anterior…show more content…
They contain intercellular junctions that link adjacent cells both electr electronically and mechanically, effectively allowing the muscle muscle fibers to act as one. 203 Review Sheet 30 Dissection of the Sheep Heart 13. During the sheep heart dissection, you were asked initially to identify the right and left ventricles without cutting into the heart. During this procedure, what differences did you observe between the two chambers? The left ventricle is think and solid as it pumps blood through the body, the right walls are thinner When you measured thickness of ventricular walls, was the right or left ventricle thicker? the left Knowing that structure and function are related, how would you say this structural difference reflects the relative functions of these two heart chambers? the left ventricle is responsible for systemic circulation, it is larger because it needs to force blood through the entire body and meets resistance. R side only does pulmonary, where it meets less res 14. Semilunar valves prevent backflow into the atria venticles ; AV valves prevent backflow into the . Using your own observations, explain how the operation of the semilunar valves The AV valve is close during compression so blood is forced from the heart. differs from that of the AV valves. The semilunar closes the heart so the chambers can fill. 15. Compare and contrast the structure of the right and left

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