Review Sheet 32 Anatomy of Blood Vessels

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NAME ____________________________________ LAB TIME/DATE _______________________ EXERCISE R E V I E W S H E E T 32 Print Form Anatomy of Blood Vessels Microscopic Structure of the Blood Vessels 1. Cross-sectional views of an artery and of a vein are shown here. Identify each; and on the lines to the sides, note the structural details that enabled you to make these identifications: artery (vessel type) vein (vessel type) open, circular lumen (a) (a) somewhat collapsed lu thinner media (b) thick media (b) Now describe each tunic more fully by selecting its characteristics from the key below and placing the appropriate key letters on the answer lines. e,d b a, f,c Tunica intima Tunica media Tunica externa…show more content…
Name all structures (vessels, heart chambers, and others) passed through en route. interior vena cava, right atrium, tricuspid valve, right ventricle, pulmonary semilunar valve, pulmonary trunk, right or left pulmonary artery, lobar artery, pulmonary capillary beds in lungs, alveoli 9. Trace the pathway of oxygen gas molecules from an alveolus of the lung to the right atrium of the heart. Name all structures through which it passes. Circle the areas of gas exchange. alveolus, alveolaricapillary walls, pulmonary vein, L atrium mitral valve, Lventricle, aortic semilunar valve, aorta, systemic arteries, capillary beds, system veins, SVC, R atr 10. Most arteries of the adult body carry oxygen-rich blood, and the veins carry oxygen-depleted, carbon dioxide–rich blood. How does this differ in the pulmonary arteries and veins? pulmonary arteries carry OZ-poor blood to the lungs where the pulmonary veins carry O2-rich blood from the lungs tot he left side of the heart 11. How do the arteries of the pulmonary circulation differ structurally from the systemic arteries? What condition is indicated by this anatomical difference? pulmonary arteries are more like veins anatomically, they have thin walls Hepatic Portal Circulation 12. What is the source of blood in the hepatic portal system? blood drained from the digestive viscera 13. Why is this blood

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