Review: Swing Low Sweet Chariot

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"Swing Low Sweet Chariot" Southern art has long been an interesting but sparsely noticed part of our culture. Since the early beginnings of this country the South has played host to war, turmoil, revival, and reformation. The influences of slavery, immigration, and religion are poignantly noticeable even today. We see it not only in the culture of the South but of course in the creations and products of that culture. Art has always been a means of expression whether it is personal, religious, political or a hodgepodge of the three. Southern art is no exception. The economic and social strife that plagued the South led to some of its more memorable art pieces. One of the South's more well known pieces is a work by John McCrady named "Swing Low Sweet Chariot". The painting itself was created in 1937 and depicts a rural home. Outside it appears that someone has come to visit, as there is a vehicle parked out front and a man standing at the doorway of the house. Inside the home it can be seen that someone has passed away and loved ones are mourning their loss. Above the home there is a spiritual battle taking place for the soul of the deceased. Light has parted the clouds and there is a horse driven chariot followed by a parade of angels coming down from above. The spirit itself is surrounded by even more angels with trumpets in hand, ready to take the soul up to eternal glory. In a nearby tree is another angel who appears busy with a demon who has arrived to cause

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