Essay on Review "We Have No Right to Happiness"

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Review on We have No “Right to Happiness” By: C.S. Lewis In class we read three different essays including ‘The Dying family’ by J.H. Plumb,’ Does Fatherhood Make You Happy?’ By Daniel Gilbert, and ‘We Have No Right to Happiness’ by C.S. Lewis. Though the purpose of these essays can be very controversial to some, after reviewing all three essays I have picked my favorite, or the one I agree with and disagree with most. ‘We have no Right to Happiness’ makes a very good argument on the point the author is trying to make. Some people believe that happiness is a right and is supposed to be given out, or is required to be provided by the government, like a right. In all reality that is true, but to an extent, we do have a right to…show more content…
But there still is their pursuit of happiness. Guaranteed your parents social status was not just given to them, nor will yours, your parents’ open that door for you to ‘pursue’ your happiness. I guess whether you agree on this point or not would have something to do with where you come from or what you have been provided with up until this point, in which ever case government is not required to make you happy as an individual. I believe government already helps out people too much already, even if there not as deserving or willing to work for it. “Though the ‘right to happiness’ is chiefly claimed for the sexual impulse, it seems to me impossible that the matter should stay there” Lewis said. Sexual happiness is on a whole different aspect. It’s probably not in your best interest to act on every sexual related impulse you have to make you happy. Although you are entitled too, sexually fulfilling your happiness is not true happiness, it seems to be very superficial. In this case, leaving your wife to marry another isn’t ideal, on the other hand to some it would be. Overall, although these situations arise, it is probably not in your best well being to depend on them. Life is short. I wouldn’t blame you for trying to make it a good one but depending on it will only set you up for
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