Review: Why College Athletes Should Be Paid

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Nine days till Christmas break. Just nine long and exhausting days separating us from sweet, freedom and our own lovely beds! Have you ever thought about how crazy it is for us to be so desperate and excited for a break? We just had one! Thanksgiving was a quick tease for our soon long month of, lets be real, sleeping and Netflix. Thanksgiving was full of food, shopping, sleep, and football. Even if you’re not a huge football fan your Thanksgiving was in some way affected by America’s favorite sport. Whether it was watching your team play, or watching some family member going crazy at the TV, my dad…. Football is a traditional part of our day of thanks. Have you ever thought about what it would be like to be playing in one of those games on…show more content…
The NCAA can afford to pay their athletes. College coaches are also making significant money(ESPN). According to $53.4 million dollars is the combined salary of the top five highest paid football coaches. The top five-college athlete’s combined salary: $0.
II. College Athletes Should Be Paid
A. These athletes are pushing themselves daily, working the equivalent of a full time job all while being a student. How would you feel doing 50 hours a week providing someone else with cash benefits and expecting to just be happy with the experience and told to focus on being a student?
B. According to ESPN the worth of an average college football or basketball player is over $100,000. By allowing these athletes to be sponsored, it will give a little back to the students of what they are worth for their incredibly hard work and all the sacrifices that they are making for their school.
C. Paying college athletes will manage current NCAA problems and reward the athletes. It will also balance the reimbursement of the sport’s contributors. As mentioned above, coaches, schools as well as the NCAA are receiving excessive amounts of money for their part in the sports program. It is only fair that the athletes should be paid as well for their significant
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Paying college athletes will regain A. Imagine these students being able to go out and socialize with their friends and not have to worry about lack of money because they don’t have time for a job. B. Imagine the difference this money would make in these student athletes lives if something was to physically happen to them. C. It really is the love of the game that keeps these athletes going! But a game can only last so long.
Many say that allowing collegiate athletes to be paid will ruin college sports as we know it. But, these athletes are just receiving what they deserve. The game still remains the same. The players still play the game to the best of their ability, regardless of the advantages. These student athletes still sacrifice countless hours, work hard, and carry the burdens of a regular student. The favorite memories we all have of Thanksgiving break, are taken away from these athletes. Shouldn’t they be allowed to receive back sponsorships for a small piece of
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