Review: Why Your College Degree Has More Value Than You Think

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The ever-changing United States job market, is a hostile environment for new college graduates. As student’s can go through four years of schooling, graduate and then are not able to find a job in their desired degree field. And while college can be a daunting task it is worth it in the long haul. This article will argue that a higher education prepares graduates for a socially diverse nation. A higher education also leads to more opportunities including higher job security. College will train students to look at problems differently and analyze them critically to come up with a solution. Students who do make it through the rigorous college curriculum live a better life with better opportunities for their future family. Also another benefit…show more content…
As college grads have shown signs of improved self-esteem, higher job satisfaction, and better lives for their children. The Huffington post article “Why Your College Degree Has More Value Than You Think” notes that college grads have improved “confidence that comes with making it through a higher education program” (Life). The Huffington Post goes on to mention “that those who have completed additional schooling are not only more well-equipped to handle mental challenges, but also report a higher level of satisfaction when doing so” (Life). When college students finally reach the finish line on graduation day they feel a sense of accomplishment. As they have accomplished a very challenging task in completing a higher level of education. A higher level of job satisfaction is also associated to college graduates. When students do pick a college major they are picking something that they think will support them in the future. As Writing and Reading Across the Curriculum article “Do What You Love” by Jeff Haden says “Want to love what you do? Pick something interesting. Pick something financially viable” (Haden). This says that doing what you love might not be the best thing but doing something that provides for you will allow you to grow into loving that job. Which helps lead to a higher job satisfaction and self-esteem. College graduates also have a better family life. As according to the Huffington post “Children of a…show more content…
As ironically one of the reasons to go to college is also money. The reason that people say not to go to school is the cost. As Michael Price of The Huffington Post says in his article “7 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Go and 4 Things To Do Instead” (Price). Price goes on to note “the average cost of college tuition and fees per year ranges from $8,893 - $30,094. This doesn’t take into account room and board which… ranges from $9,500 - $10,830/year. Sum it up and a 4-year college education could cost you $80,000 - $160,000” (Price). So take the median number of eighty thousand dollars and one hundred and sixty thousand dollars which equals one hundred and twenty thousand dollars total. That number can be paid off in less than six years. Take the before mentioned salary numbers of high school graduates and college graduates with a four year bachelor’s degree. As high school graduates make a median wage of thirty-three thousand eight hundred and fifty-two dollars compared to a college graduate at fifty-seven thousand six hundred and sixteen dollars. These numbers show a difference of twenty-three thousand seven hundred and sixty-four dollars. So if a college graduate takes the difference of what they would be making without a degree and what they would be making with a degree for six years after graduation they would have a total of one hundred forty two thousand five hundred and eighty four dollars. This would more than

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