Review and Analysis: Best Practices for Online Marketing

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Anything but Stupid: Online Marketing at Home of the stupidest gifts on planet earth. Introduction In an increasingly competitive globalized marketplace, e-businesses of all types and sizes are scrambling to identify an appropriate niche to grow their companies in sustainable ways. One company that has demonstrated a flair for succeeding where others have failed is, an e-business specializing in seasonal and specialty gift items with a zany touch for all occasions. Although most of the products offered by this e-business are modest in price, some of them (such as a full-size electric chair replica) can cost thousands of dollars. To determine how has thrived in the competitive environment in which it competes, this paper provides a review of the relevant peer-reviewed and scholarly literature concerning best online marketing practices in general and an analysis of's online marketing practices in particular. A summary of the research and important findings concerning is provided in the conclusion. Review and Analysis Best Practices for Online Marketing Online marketing exists along a continuum that ranges from the provision of textual material only with a simple email contact on the Internet to more sophisticated interactive Web sites that provide online consumers with the ability to shop and complete secure purchases, as well as instant chat as well as email contact capabilities, posting of

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