Review and Discussion of the Article The Future of Corporate Social Responsibility by Duane Windsor

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This reading essay is a review of the following article:
Windsor, D. (2001). The future of corporate social responsibility. International Journal of Organizational Analysis, 9 (3): 225-256.
Duane Windsor, via the aforementioned article regarding the future of social responsibility, purports “there are three emerging alternatives or competitors to responsibility: (1) an economic conception of responsibility; (2) global corporate citizenship; and (3) stakeholder management practices (pg. 225).” Windsor first provides a historical reflection of social responsibility beginning in the Progressive Era through the twentieth century and concludes with predictions for the future of corporate social responsibility. Corporate social responsibility,
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Carroll’s pyramid model inspired debate between “how people ought to behave and how people are likely to behave” and that “behavior may come to dominate theory by appeal to the desirability of material outcomes” (pg. 235). The historical reflection Windsor provided led him to his thesis of the three emerging alternative or competitors to responsibility. Economic conception of responsibility, emerging alternative #1, links wealth and social welfare. By definition, organizations that do not focus on financial profits are labeled “not-for-profit” organizations. Windsor’s second cited emerging alternatives to responsibility focuses on recent movement involving global corporate citizenship. He explains this alternative as a “marriage” of societal expectations of corporations to their community and management obligations to their firm. “The more powerful and wealth the firm, the greater that firm’s responsibilities to neighbors and the community must be” (pg. 242). Windsor’s third emerging alternative is regarding stakeholder management practices. Management psychologies vary widely amongst theorists yet revolve around prioritization of profits.
Corporate social responsibility seems to be a topic needing additional research and discussion. As a former law enforcement office, laws and regulation make sense to me. Since I was a young child, I thrived on structure and discipline. This has made things difficult for me at times as many
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