Review and Evaluate Supply Chain - Inova Pharmaceuticals Pty Ltd.

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Evaluate and Monitor the company’s Transport Performance - inova Pharmaceuticals pty ltd.

Unit: TLIL1907C/TLlL2007C Implement and Monitor Transport Logistic/Develop and Maintain Operational procedures for Transport and Logistics Enterprises-

Teacher: Bob Day

Prepared by: Ravisanthiran Shanmugarajah
Date: 13 June 2012

To: CEO, inova pharmaceuticals Pty Ltd


iNova Pharmaceuticals(Australia ) Pty Limited, develops and markets over-the-counter and prescription medicines. The product portfolio includes in-licensed and in-house developed drugs in the areas of weight management, pain management, allergy, sexual health, dermatology, cardiology and respiratory health. the company offers its products through a network of
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As the Logistics/Supply Chain Manager for inova Pharmaceuticals Pty Ltd it is my responsibility to build up industry knowledge to have a sound understanding of a particular segment of the transport industry in the following areas to be a competent integrated logistic manager.

* Industry knowledge. * Transport policy. * Strategic planning. * Services marketing. * Human resources management. * Finance and accounting. * Operations management. * Sales and marketing management. * Integrated logistics management.

Coordinate multi-modal transport activities

Today’s world many options are available for transporting products from one point to another. A firm may select any one or more of five basic transportation modes—motor, rail, air, water, or pipeline.In addition, certain modal combinations are available, including rail-motor, motor-water, motor-air, and rail-water. Such intermodal combinations offer specialized services and sometimes lower costs not generally available from a single transport mode. Also other transportation options exist, including indirect, special carriers, or non-operating third parties, which offers a variety of services to shippers. These transporters include freight forwarders, shipper cooperatives, parcel post, UPS, FedEx, DHL, EGL, Star Track express, Toll priority and other specialty carriers.

A customer service is a vital component of logistic management. While each activity of logistics
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