Review for 2012 Honda Civic Hybrid

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Review for 2012 Honda Civic Hybrid The Honda Civic Hybrid 2012 is a high-quality vehicle with an excellent technical blend of electric and traditional internal combustion. The car receives decent ratings for the performance of its 1.3 liter, 4-cylinder Ultra Low Emission engine ("2012 Honda Civic Hybrid", Best Car Trends). The Civic Hybrid features an ultra-thin, electric motor, variable transmission and a robust computer system that manages all internal controls. The car is comparable to other hybrid models and mimics the interior styling of the traditional Honda Civic design. This is less than appealing for those who wish to wave the "eco-conscious" flag the only standout hybrid indicators are a green Hybrid button on the steering wheel and light blue lights embedded in the front lights and taillights ("2012 Honda Civic Hybrid", Digital Trends). Other than that, the general appearance is exactly that of the flagship Honda Civic line. Test drivers and industry experts appear disappointed with the somewhat bland and generic interior that features plastic components with little to no texturizing to help upgrade the look and feel of the cabin. However, the Civic Hybrid does come with more standard features than its predecessor. At $24,000, the car offers Bluetooth, power windows and doors, a tilt and telescopic steering wheel and an upgraded 16-watt, six-speaker AM/FM radio with single CD player, wireless audio streaming, and voice command with USB connection ("2012 Honda
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