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Write a critical review of the following offprint articles.

‘Mucosal wound healing’, Marucha, et al, 1998

This study was carried in the Ohio State University College of dentistry and published in 1998. This study began by reviewing a previous study on stress and health. This found that people undertaking a chronically stressful activity show characteristic changes in their blood chemistry and take longer to heal minor wounds than do people who are not under conditions of stress. Therefore, it addressed the effects of a commonplaces stressor, examination stress, on wound healing.

In this study, it was used experimental approach. In the control group, the first wounds were placed on the hard palate of 11 dental students during
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It was confirmed by Perceived Stress Scale in the questionnaire for every student. Therefore, the variables were appropriate for the hypothesis.

For the participants in this study, eleven healthy dental students were recruited from the Ohio State College of Dentistry. They had the basic knowledge about handling the wounds. Since the effect of healing oral wounds were controlled by the participants, it was better to have the knowledge of this area to avoid affecting the effect of healing wounds by individual differences. Also, they were instructed not to use rinses or other special home care other than normal oral hygiene. For the ethical issues, the Ohio State Biomedical Research Review Committee approved the project. All the students gave written informed consent before participation. This complies with ethical rules that research works that involve human subjects and animals should be carried out in accordance with high ethical standards set by various ethics committee.

For controlling the confounding variables, all the participants were healthy dental students and were instructed not to use rinses or other special home care other than normal oral hygiene. It eliminated the individual differences to affect the effect of healing wounds. In this study, a within-participants design was employed rather that between-participants design in this experiment because the effect of healing wounds was much affected by individual differences. Using

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