Review of Articles on Children's Developmental Theories

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Children's developmental theories explain how attachment is a major part of psychosocial development. Duhn (2010) explains how touch can help augment creation of more positive attachment models like secure attachment, while Brown, Manglesdorf, and Neff (2012) show important fatherly attention is in generating secure attachment as well.
The first article is Duhn's (2010) examination of the importance of the human touch in caring for children as they go through the cognitive development journey. Duhn (2010) first explores how discussions of the concept of how touch plays into facilitating cognitive development in children has been relatively lacking in regards to the larger psychological discourse. Other than the Attachment Theory presented by John Bowlby, there are relatively few discussions of how touch and physical interaction influences more positively cognitive growth and development in children. In lieu of these gaps, Duhn (2010) presents a framework that reviews the concept of attachment and how touch can impact attachment styles in order to augment the existing literature and increase the role of touch within the image of development.
Duhn's (2010) thesis is that touch has much more of an impact than once thought by researchers. In line with Bowlby's earlier theory, touché…
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