Review of Basic Questions Chapter 9 Essay

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1. How many bits in MAC address? 48
2. How bits in IPv4 IP address? In IPv6 IP ? 32, 128
3. How does a client app identify a server app on another computer on the network? Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) & Internet Protocol (IP)
4. What are IP addresses called that begin with 10,172.161 or 192.168? Private IP addresses
5. In what class is the IP address ? Class B
6. In what class is the IP address Class C
7. Describe the difference between public and private IP addresses. If a network is using private IP addresses, how can the computers on that network access the internet? Public IP addresses are available for use on the Internet & private IP addresses are not allowed on the Internet. Private IP
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16 bits-those 16 bits are all zeros in link-local
15. Which type of IPv6 address is used to create multiple sites within a large organization? ULA Unique Local Address
16. What type of server serves up IP addresses to computers on a network? DNS Domain Name System or Domain Name Service
17. Which TCP/IP protocol that manages packet delivery guarantees that delivery? Which protocol does not guarantee delivery, but is faster?
TCP Transmission Control Protocol
UDP User Datagram Protocol
18. At what port does an SMTP email server listen to receive email from a client computer? Port 25
19. Which protocol does a web server use when transmissions are encrypted for security? HTTPS (HTTP secure)
20. What type of server resolves fully qualified domain names to IP addresses? DNS
21. Which email protocol allows a client app to manage email stored on an email server? IMAP
22. What type of protocol is used to present a public IP address to computers outside the LAN to handle requests to use the Internet from computers inside the LAN? NAT
23. What type of encryption protocol does Secure FTP (SFTP) use to secure FTP transmissions? A variation of the SSH (Secure Shell Protocol)
24. What two Windows apps use the RDP protocol and port 3389? Remote Desktop Server Application & Skype
25. Which version of 802.11 technologies can use two antennas at both the access point and the network adapter? 802.11n
26. Which wireless encryption standard is stronger, WEP or WPA? WPA

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