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Review of Cocktail Party Economics for The Economist As an economics training book, Cocktail Party Economics highlights the concepts of economics, bringing them to light in a simple way without taking away from the importance of each theory and thought. This is a book written to engage its readers and interest them in the idea of the economic thought process. Addressed to “students everywhere, especially those who like economics … or want to,” this book is exactly that. Cocktail Party Economics is a skillful portrayal of the process of economic thought, which entertains young readers due to the author’s sometimes silly and sarcastic moments. Economics may sometimes appear to be a difficult subject filled with elaborate terms and…show more content…
There are many Gossip Columns within the book; each one displaying the lives of an economist and their contributions to today’s economic society. These are especially important to this work of literature because they highlight the key concepts developed by deceased economists and how these concepts are used in today’s day and age. The reader is consumed by the column and what it has to offer: a chance to understand the idea of economics on a greater scale. Visualization is an essential factor of Cocktail Party Economics, as it is aimed at a student audience. Visuals in which a student sees within the text help the individual to expand their learning and retain more information. The use of charts offers the reader a chance to refer to them in the case of confusion or misunderstanding. These visual aids help each reader on their journey of understanding the theories of economics. Either in the form of a chart or picture, Cocktail Party Economics challenges readers to apply their knowledge to understand the text better through the visual aids. Overall, Cocktail Party Economics is a great tool to use when trying to grasp the idea of economics and the impacts of the theories on modern society. The book contains a great deal of aids in the form of quotes, Gossip Columns, charts, and pictures, helping the reader to better their understanding. The authors make the text easy to read, using a somewhat story-telling setting. The title,
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