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Review of Convicted Survivors by Elizabeth Leonard After reading the description of about half the books on the book review list, I found this one to be most intriguing. I've always wanted to learn more about the subject how women deal with battery in the home through a spouse or male partner. That is what this book does. It talks about women who have had to take the last step in escaping abusive relationships; killing the partner. I loved this book and found it very informative. It takes you into the lives of women who have had to resort to these measures and it goes through the process of the results of their actions, as well as correlations to the abuse and why these women had no other option than to do what they did. It's going to…show more content…
We hear the stories of these women and learn about the women in themselves. We learn why studies show they were placed in that position as well as why they think they were placed in that position. The most interesting portion of the book is when the author shows us how the women write violence off as not being violent at all, with such excuses as "I wanted to keep the marriage together" or "he was mad" or even "I deserved it". Because a lot of women grow up in abusive situations similar to the one's they were in it is harder then to identify oneself as a battered woman. Many of the women interviewed in the prison stated that they didn't consider themselves battered women until it was too late to get help, some even went as far as saying that they didn't realize what they were until they went to prison and joined the CWAA. The next thing the book talks about is the involvement of the police at the point where the women tried to get help. The statistics in this book are mind boggling and astounding when it comes to the action of the police in the event of spousal abuse. Some of the officers see so many accounts of spousal abuse that they right it off as routine and do not even report what they find. The officers also fail to tell women their options and information on how they can protect themselves from there batterer even
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