Review of Countering the Conspiracy to Destroy Black Boys

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Countering the Conspiracy to Destroy Black Boys

Countering the Conspiracy to Destroy Black Boys opens with explaining what genocide is, the deliberate and systematic destruction of a racial, political or cultural group (p. 1). The author, Jawanza Kunjufu (2005), has been challenged many times in debates and by the media with the use of the word conspiracy to describe certain aspects of the African-American society. It is a strong indictment against the social fabric of this country (p. 1). Neely Fuller stated, “…until you understand White supremacy, everything else will confuse you.” There have been many people such as, historians, politicians, academicians, and writes who believe they have a theoretical justification for White
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Zero because many couples are not married. At thirteen, mothers give birth. At this trying rate, the Africa American community will not develop. Many problems are facing African American males. Few people are knowledgeable of the disparity between African American males and females as it relates to incarceration, homicide, suicide, alcoholism, and many other ailments (p. 9).
As early as preschool, teachers, principals, counselors, and psychiatrist, are commonly known to label an African-American child (i.e. boys) with ADHD and many other disorders because they are said to be hyperactive and “verve.” This, in most cases, is not always true. It may be that the stimuli around them are simply not challenging enough (p. 17), so they choose to do other activities without the authority figures approval.
The chapter regarding infancy to nine years of age discusses seven indicators in monitoring the development of boys. First, there is spirituality development. Studies indicate that boys that were reared in church have less chance of going to prison (p. 27). Next are their racial awareness, meaning their commitment, understanding, and acceptance of their race. Scholarship is also an indicator. Through scholarship, the essentials of reading will be development and measured. Self-Esteem also plays a major role in the development of boys. Here, self-esteem and school-esteem are focused upon. Educators will have parents to believe

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