Review of Current Trend in Sustainable Manufacturing

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A Review of Current Trend in Sustainable Manufacturing
Sustainable manufacturing revolves around the cooperation and efforts of manufacturers, and the customers support towards this process. The manufacturing industry is in support for sustainable manufacturing, but there are some factors that still need to be ironed out so that manufacturing can go full swing into sustainable manufacturing. Sustainable manufacturing goal can be achieved through sourcing for materials locally, using natural resources for production instead of too much chemical, energy and resource conservation, recycling where whatever waste that the industry produces should and can be recycled and education about environment conservation through sustainable
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The manufacturers are more worried about their survival and the capability to maintain sustainable design in their manufacturing process [7]. Manufacturers can try to manufacture products using designs that use less energy and fewer natural resources for better sustainability. As the first step, the manufacturers will have to invest in research and development of the most effective way in order to attain these criteria, and this involves cost. Lack of technical support among employees in achieving sustainable manufacturing is another issue that manufacturers need to look into and resolve [3].
4.2 Knowledge on sustainability
The manufacturers fail to understand what sustainable manufacturing is all about. The manufacturers do not realize that lack of knowledge on sustainable manufacturing is a loss to them. At present, there are still not much accessible resources for the manufacturers to refer to broaden their mind on issues concerning sustainable manufacturing. Currently, since not many are practicing sustainable practices, until it becomes something in common the manufacturer will still find it as a difficult process to be followed. Furthermore, some manufacturers are still lacking in awareness regarding the current market trend which demands the manufacturing industry to focus on sustainable manufacturing instead of the traditional

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