Review of Exhibitions

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Q1. Sending back 1,000 paid registration fees is not feasible, and would create negative publicity about the event in the media. However, it is impossible to allow the convention center to become a fire hazard due to overcapacity, and were an incident to occur, the publicity would even be more negative, if someone were injured (such as if there was a fire and the building could not be evacuated in a timely fashion). Instead, using satellite venues to cater to certain aspects of the expo would be advised. Using the exterior space outside of the convention hall to house some of the events would balance the number of individuals on the exterior and interior of the structure. Even if inclement weather were to occur, tents could be used to stage some of the attractions of interest. All of the different vendors and events would be reviewed, to see which would 'work' better in tents versus in the hall. For example, a yoga class would likely have to be staged indoors, because of its size. However, a vendor handing out pamphlets and talking about holistic nutrition could be confined to a smaller booth. This would maximize the happiness of both the attendees and the client. The client would be happy that all of the events were staged, and none of the attendance fees were returned. There would be no unhappy, disgruntled want-to-be conference-goers who had bad feelings because their money was returned. And finally, the event itself might be enhanced by being more spread out and using
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