Review of Genghis Kahn by Larry Berg

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Larry Berg's Genghis Kahn: Life Lessons from the Famous Mongolian Emperor, explores aspects of the life of Genghis Khan himself, and how certain life-changing events influenced his rise to power, and rule. Following common knowledge attributable to documentaries, movies and other various sources, Genghis Khan is a cruel and aggressive ruler. Contrary to that statement, he was a passionate man who acted selflessly to better his own people. "If my body dies, let my body die, but do not let my country die". To Genghis Khan, it did not matter if he was forgotten. If his country developed, that is all that mattered. Despite all the terror he inflicted, Khan was a rational ruler, and was anything but traditional. It is stated that each situation he was put through as a leader was handled in an innovate, and unique manner. Whether right or wrong, there was a method to the madness, and he always stuck to it.

One main reoccurring theme throughout this text is that Genghis Khan is a fair man. As a child, he endured troubling things. His father was poisoned by enemies; following that event, his mother and other siblings were all abandoned by their own tribe. Those, among other traumatic events that happened to those close to him, and himself, is what triggered him to become the conqueror he is. Once he rose to power, he gained allies quickly by giving them an ultimatum: allow him to control, or be put to death. His men were promoted when they showed outstanding work in their jobs. The

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