Review of Maybe Tomorrow

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The book ‘’Maybe Tomorrow’’ tells the story of Boori Monty Pryor. It describes the career path and life story of an Aboriginal in Australia. From being a model to eventually becoming a writer or like it is called in the aboriginal cultural, a storyteller. The book is not a typical biography, because it has been written as a one-way conversation between Boori and the reader. Personally I find this somewhat confusing; jumping from one topic to the other does not feel comfortable to read. What it definitely does deliver on is giving a better understanding about the aboriginal culture, the difficulties they face from white Australians in this country and how every person in this culture needs to adapt to the way of the ‘white men’. There are…show more content…
What was also very interesting is the shame indigenous people have against their own culture. Especially the children, which Boori describes he saw when preforming in classrooms all over Australia. Children that think they are not really an Aboriginal because they do not life in the outback, do not play the traditional instruments and do not look like the stereotypical aboriginal. Therefore they are more ‘white’ which means that they are normal. This is very similar to black people outside Australia, the mind-set exist that looking white and acting white is considered better. This creates a negative stereotypical version of aboriginals, which goes together with ignorance. For example how Boori describes the reactions of the children in the classrooms he had visited. One chid expressed that after the performance of Boori, he was not afraid anymore of aboriginals. Or other child asking him when he started becoming an aboriginal, I thought this was interesting because it shows how this child, like some children of aboriginal descent, see only one stereotypical abstract of an indigenous person. They only have this figure in their mind, which is that aboriginals are not civilised or educated. A person that is always half naked and plays traditional aboriginal instruments. That is why some children of aboriginal descent try to remove themselves from everything that is linked to the Aboriginal culture, because if you do not act like an
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