Review of Related Literature

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Review of Related Literature This section deals with the literature and reading related to the variable of the study. This section also aims to show previous studies of money management which served as the fundamental assumption for the methodology used in the study. Sources of information were taken from the internet, books, journals, magazines, and newspapers. The money management and financial capabilities of CBAE students in the University of Mindanao reading helps the researchers in seeing the impact of the study as seen by other community as a whole. Consumption Recent studies on spending in Asia and United States defined consumption as the purchase of goods and services more for their wants than their needs. Students spending habits are important issues for colleges, especially when considering the students financial well-being and their wellness to study in school. (Palmer, Bliss, Goetz, Moorman, 2010). Food consumption According to Evan King, (2011), college students nowadays rely on the convenience of fast food to make it through the day and college students eat an average of six to eight per cent fast food meals a week. The shifting of young people from high school to colleges and universities has many implications. A main issue is the food consumption approach and associated nutritional risk to college students. Adjustments in living environment affect their lifestyle factors. In Greece, college students’ consumption living away from their parents
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