Review of Related Literature of Volcano Tourism in the Philippines

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Tourism Trends The travel and tourism industry is the world’s largest and most diverse industry . In a report of World Tourism Organization entitled International Tourism, it has pointed out the desire to standardize the definitions in the tourism industry throughout the world. This shows that tourism is an industry at its mature stage. Standardization has been a product of the big growth of demand for this industry. Meanwhile, studies show that there is a present shift of tourism growth in Asia. Asia has experienced a great increase in tourism for the past years. Southeast Asia, in particular has experienced the fasted growth in tourism. Tourism contributes significantly to 11 of the 12 countries that account for 80% of the world's…show more content…
In a paper on the mentioned perspective, said that both conservation and development, if working harmoniously together, lead to the best approach.. Eco-tourism One aspect of tourism which has greatly been considered is eco-tourism. As climate change guilt among tourists grows, many tourist attractions are touting their environmental credentials in an effort to cash in on the "eco" tag. We define nature-based tourism as the segment of the tourism market in which people travel with the primary purpose of visiting a natural destination. If we were to draw an imaginary line through the tourism industry, with one side (the smaller side) representing sustainable tourism and the other side representing non-sustainable tourism, then nature-based tourism and cultural tourism, etc. would span the divide. We equate ecotourism with nature-based tourism that falls on the sustainable side of the line, where impact on the local environment and human communities is low, direct financial benefits accrue to conservation efforts and the local communities, there is respect for local cultures and needs, and the experience builds environmental awareness. As the demand for tourism grows, the notions for eco-tourism sometimes drift away from its original goals. Studies have been conducted on eco-tourism which aims to standardize its goals purposes. For instance, a study has

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