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Review of Shrek In traditional fairy tales, ogres are man-eating beasts; they are regarded as being one of the most evil and hideous creatures in fairytales. The prince is derived as a charming and handsome young man who is on a quest to rescue a beautiful Princess who has been held captive for many years in a tall tower, guarded by a fire breathing dragon, awaiting the arrival of a brave Prince.

The makers of Shrek have decided to reverse the tradition of a stereotypical fairy tale, by creating a completely different story line while trying to incorporate some tradition into the story.

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The audience can now tell that this is not a conventional fairy tale.

In the third scene of the story, rewards are being given for the capture of fairy tale creatures by Lord Farquaad's demand, as his orders are being carried out it gives the impression that he is a very imposing ruler.

Many of the traditional fairytale creatures are visible in this such as the three bears, Pinochio. Many of these fairy tale creatures use lines from there stories for example baby bear (from the three bears) says ' my cage is far too small' and starts crying.

A talking donkey is taken for trade by his owner. As the donkey refuses to talk the lady who owns him is not given anything however when they drag her away she kicks Tinkerbell (the fairy from Peter Pan) magic fairy dust goes on to the talking donkey and he says 'I can fly.' The gurads who have been ordered to capture the fairytale creatureson behalf of Lord Farquaad, persue him in order to try and capture him. As Donkey continues to run through the forest he bumps into Shrek. The gurads catch up and the Commander reads a telegram written by Lords Farquaad demanding that both Donkey and Shrek give themselves up to be captured.

The reaminaing members of the army apart from the commander are scared of Shrek and all flee back this is again stereotypical as it

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