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Review of Snake by D.H. Lawrence Vocabualry: *Carob-tree: a red flowered tree originally in the Mediterranean area. * pitcher : tall, round container with an open top and large handle. * flickered: moved * mused : think about * bowel: bottom of earth * perversity: offensive * log: tree trunk * clatter: v. loud sound of hard things hitting * convulsed : violent movement * writhed: to twist and turn in great pain * paltry: worthless Background : D.H. Lawrence belongs to the 20th Century. He was interested in the idea of contrasts. Most of his writings deal with the conflict between opposities such as instinct and artificiality apects of modern life,…show more content…
The voice of the speaker 's education is considered the voice of the reason of human civilization while that of his soul is that which glorifies Nature. Therefore, the relationship between Man and Nature is clearly traced here , where the voice of nature is represented through the image of the snake and the albatross for both are associated with nature while the speaker here is associated with human culture , with industry which according to the poet abused human life. Analysis: - The first five stanzas establish the scene and provide the occasion for the poet's initial, sensual description of the snake. The poem begins "on a hot hot day," there is nothing special about this day except the appearance of that snake. The poet shows that the behaviour of this snake is very natural. He is there "to drink". Lawrence describes this snake as his equal both of them came "To drink there" (3). The Poet uses personification to make us sympathize with the snake. The poet has to wait for the snake to finish drinking and this shows how he respects the snake and appreciates him because he is part of the nature. * There

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