Review of Top Three Field Sobriety Tests

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Field sobriety test: Review of Top 3 Sobriety Tests No. 2 Brief description of the stop The motorist in the video Top 3 Sobriety Tests No. 2 aroused the officer's suspicion when her car was veering between lanes the highway. When stopped, the motorist seemed uncertain of what she was doing and where she was. "I don't know," she replied when asked how much she had to drink. She was barely able to put the car in park and seemed more concerned about tying her shoelaces than the test or her serious situation. Questions which often arise when determining if someone is driving under the influence are: "Does the person answer the officer's question or exhibit a stream of consciousness talking that bears no relation to the question? Does the person appear to be disheveled or unable to stay alert?" (Gaensslen, R.E., & Larsen 2010: 122). The woman in the video exhibited all of these 'red flag' signs. However, the officer's use of the field sobriety tests indicates that even when intoxication may seem 'obvious' it is still necessary to establish DUI with objective sources of information. The ability of the driver to perform the tests assigned The driver was barely able to stand, much less able to walk a straight line. Even before the test was performed, the woman clearly seemed drunk and the attitude of the officer indicated that he knew this. Your evaluation of the entire contact Field sobriety tests are usually performed before more scientific tests to determine if a driver

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