Review of 'Two Ways to Count to Ten'

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Year 2
2. Title: Two ways to count to ten
3. Country of origin: Liberia
4. Social and moral themes
Community and environment
Leadership, fairness and equality
Respect for others
5. Why I chose this story
I have selected an African folktale in order to teach about diversity and other cultures, and because that topic will give my students a universal foundation. In this sense, some students may be surprised that English is the dominant language in Liberia. They may be even more surprised to learn that Liberia was founded by Americans. Often, the stories have an important message about individuals' interdependence in a community, and how people should behave.
The aim is to build a stronger rapport and sense of community in the classroom by engaging the children in group-work; the students have to discover the link between learning and social skills. They need to recognize that learning is an integral part of their lives. In the country of Liberia, people in some communities share stories with each other in a place called the palaver hut, a place also used for conflict resolutions: "the functional center of the tribal village is the palaver house. The chief and his elders convene at the palaver house almost daily and the tribesmen come to discuss and settle their numerous problems, differences, and claims" (Wilson, 1947, p. 69). The palaver hut is a safe, sacred space, where no violence is permitted. Because it is a circle, everyone seated there has equal rights,…

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