Review of UKSports Anti-Doping Policy Essay

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“The two major justifications for the ban on the use of performance-enhancing drugs in sport relate to the protection of the health of athletes, and the maintenance of fair competition”
(Black, 1996; as cited by Waddington, 2000)
The main objective of the U.K. Statement of the Anti-doping Policy stems from this. The aim is to ensure that the various governing bodies of sport in the United Kingdom have consistent and regular sets of policies and regulations in order to “protect the rights of athletes to compete drug-free” (U.K. Statement of Anti-doping Policy). This policy, (January 2002) published by U.K. Sport, was considered “a major landmark in the fight for drug-free sport”. It was an attempt to set standards in accordance with the
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UK Sport’s role is also clearly defined in the policy. UK Sport will have to agree an annual anti-doping programme, consisting of testing (where appropriate), education and information, with the Governing Bodies and also assist with its delivery. They will have to guarantee the confidentiality of information arising from programmes except where it is required, in order to provide transparency and accountability for public funding and the integrity of the testing programme. UK Sport will also report to the designated official, within the Governing Body, both negative and positive test outcomes, within an agreed timeframe. Again, they will assist, as required, with the provision of information to the review, investigative hearing or appeal panels. Training workshops will be provided for Governing Bodies, on operational and legal issues. Governing Bodies will also have to be supported with advice and guidance, from the Anti-Doping Programme, team to achieve programme delivery arising from the policy. Supporting, independent advice on complex scientific or medical issues will also be provided by UK Sport, who will also promote an independent dispute resolution system for sport. Finally, UK Sport will have to continue independent, high quality collection services, as well as assisting Governing Bodies with the monitoring and reporting of results.
Furthermore, according to the policy, Sports Councils have the power to withdraw funding from athletes who have come