Review of Walker's Novel, The Color Purple Essay

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The Color Purple is a very moving and spiritual book. It takes a women who has nothing to speak of going for her and who is a victim to the world, and it takes her to a place where she is a strong individual who can voice her own opinions about things without people telling her what to do. She gets incredible power that grows inside her throughout the book. It is only fully released near the end of the book when her sister, Nettie, is about to come home. As for her, Celie, she just survives during her life, and takes what is handed to her. Until one fateful day when a woman named Shrug comes into the picture and comes to stay with them while she is recovering from a disease. From that day on, Celie could see that some women stand up for…show more content…
It brought tears to her eyes to think that Sofia was losing her will. Celie fights on though and gains her own will, along with the ability to love unconditionally and deeply. She loves Shrug and develops a close bond with her that teaches Celie to love again. Shrug makes her feel alive and whole again and teaches her lessons that she never learned about life like the simplicity of love and its overpowering way of taking over and making life whole, filling in the holes of the heart. She has to deal with the loss of her kids, but one day she gets to see one of them. She always called her little girl Olivia, but when she met the woman who had her child, she said, “We calls her Pauline.” (pg.16). That made Celie sad, but then the woman says, “But I calls her Olivia.” She just said that she looked like an Olivia and this made Celie happy. Early in the book, Celie states how Shug Avery was “like a queen” (pg.22) to her. Already the indication of her influence shows up strong. Celie admires her and would follow her behavior and so when she comes to visit, that's exactly what starts happening. Shug Avery also makes her husband weak. When they learn of her coming to town, he actually asks Celie, after she told him he looks nice, “You think so?” (pg. 25). Celie mentions how it's the first time he has asked her anything and it leaves her stunned. Sofia is the first
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