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Clinton, Dr. Tim & Sibcy, Dr. Gary. (2006). Why You Do the Things You Do: The Secret of Healthy Relationships. Nashville: Thomas Nelson.

Relationships are in our everyday life all around us, but the most intimate relationships we have include God, our parents, our children and our spouse. God implanted the desire for intimacy or relationship within us when He created Adam and Eve. God hardwired the desire for relationship in us because He desires relationship. Adam and Eve had the perfect relationship with each other and God for a while. God continued to desire relationship with Adam and Eve even after their disobedience. When our relationship with God is lacking, we will
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These efforts of self-protection indicate the children do not regard others as trustworthy, reliable, or accessible.
Studies have shown that children who have developed ambivalent, avoidant or disorganized relationship styles do not tend to seek God as a refuge during times of distress. People with an ambivalent relationship style tend to doubt their salvation frequently. Avoidant styles were more likely to give up on God and follow addictive or sinful habits.
Soul wounds occur when we need and/or expect a loved one to be there for us, and he/she is not. Such an injury can ignite core pain: anger, anxiety, fear, and grief. The degree of an injury to the soul can change depending on the stage of life a person has achieved. What does not change is the intensity of our reaction to the injury. The strongest emotional reactions are directly related to our closest relationships.
Relationship is the foundation of God’s nature. We are created in his likeness so relationships are the foundation of our needs and who we become. When we have relationship with God, that relationship will satisfy all the conditions of a healthy, secure relationship. We must seek Him in times of trouble. He becomes our refuge, our place of security and safety. Our relationship with God is the foundation which allows us to boldly face the world with strength and confidence. When we separate from God, anxiety will set in and produce confusion,

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