Review of Wide Sargasso Sea by Jean Rhys

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I would say that doomed would be the correct adjective to use. Antoinette did not stand a chance at a happy marriage with Rochester. There are lots of different things that happen to undermine the success of their marriage. To begin with their marriage is based on money. The only reason that Rochester is marrying Antoinette was due to the large dowry placed on her by Mr Mason. A marriage without love will never work but all Antoinette wanted was to be loved as her mother had not loved her. Mr Rochester also felt manipulated by his father. Rochester was not the first born son and so did not stand to inherit anything. He felt neglected by his father and marrying Antoinette was his way of trying to not be a disappointment to him. One of the main themes of loneliness is expressed by the two characters in this way. "I will never be a disgrace to you or to my dear brother the son you love." Because he has been effectively forced into this marriage, Rochester feels very unenthusiastic about spending time with his new bride.
Once Rochester is on the island he instantly hates his surroundings. He is used to Great Britain and everything on the island is an assault on his senses. "Everything is too much, I felt as I rode wearily after her. Too much blue, too much purple, too much green. The flowers too red, the mountain too high, the hills too near. And the woman is a stranger." He sees Antoinette as a wild Creole girl who is not like English girls. She is wild just like the place
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