Review of a few good men Essay

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A few good men starring Jack Nicholson Tom Cruise and Demi Moore is about ethic in the marines. Many characters in the movie are faced with moral dillemas Tom Cruise and Jack Nicholsons characters are faced with moral dillemas. The movie is about two marines who are accused of murdering there fellow officer, during the incestigation it is discovered that there is a practice called “code red” this is a unethical and unofficial disciplinary measure by the marine squad when a member goes against the unit. The offender is gagged, beaten, and then they are killed by their fellow officers. The accused put the blame on someone they said was higher up from them. They carried out the “code red” order because the officer was not living up to the…show more content…
Kaffee has adilemma; his personal feelings concerning people who abuse others who aren’t able to defend themselves get in the way. In short Kaffe does not want to defend these marines.His normal course of action would have been to request a plea bargain. However JoanneGalloway played by Demi Moore, his co-council and superior officer convinces him not to go that route. Kaffe starts work hard on the case. As time goes on he discovers that Dawson and Downey are really not to blame at all. The problem rests squarely with Jessup. When this discovery is made Kaffe holds colonel Jessup culpable. This puts Kaffe’s name and career at great risk. over time it became very important for Kaffee to vindicate the marines and to bring down Jessup. This in his mind was proper justice and also something true,noble, and outside of himself. He even came to accept that fulfilling his fathers footsteps did not matter. Most civilians would label Jessup’s actions as cruel and cold hearted and vicious. They would view thesituation from a Teleological framework, which means they would be thinking about theconsequences of Jessup’s actions. However, civilians are not marines and therefore do not understand the point of the situation. The point is to adherence to military rules. In fact proper ethical behavior in the case of a marine comes form following therules. This is an example of a deontological
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