Review of film Amadeus Essay

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Review of film 'Amadeus'

Amadeus is a movie based on the career and the death of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in Viennese during the 18th century. Throughout the film Antonio Salieri tells his story of his growing hatred for Mozart that eventually led to his ?murder?. Through out the rest of the movie you can see where Salieri is getting even more jealous of Mozart.
Although Salieri was inspired to become Gods instrument the music of that time ?classical era? did not revolve around the church or God unlike the Medieval and Baroque periods. But a good thing for Salieri was that most operas still did involve God.
Through out Salieri's childhood his father had forbid him to become a composer because in so many words it was a waste of time
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Because of Mozart?s greatness spreading rapidly through the public and it was obvious that the Emperor himself loved Mozart, Salieri?s hatred for Mozart and distrust for God was more and more obvious throughout the movie. The reason that I say it is quit obvious is because Salieri jumped at every chance he got to sabotage anything having to do with Mozart. His sabotage had to do with spreading rumors about Mozart molesting his pupils and stating that he could not be trusted with women, his intentions were obviously to make Mozart look like a molester so he would not be hired by any one else. You would have never thought this to have been done by Salieri because he hid his hatred so well from everyone else by posing as Mozart?s one and only trusted friend. This was shown by the fact that Mozart would always come to Salieri for advice for his troubles. He would offer real advice to Mozart but he would go behind his back to tell the Emperor that he was uncontrollable and must be controlled.

Despite how much Salieri hated Mozart he was still in love with the music composed by Mozart. With Salieri knowing that Mozart was the one chosen to be Gods instrument he decided that he would not be at peace with himself until he killed Mozart, because he had it set in his mind that God liked Mozart more than God liked him.

Finally Mozart gets this brilliant idea to play a forbidden opera because it was inappropriate. The Emperor finds out about this because

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