Review of the 2005 Film version of Pride and Prejudice Essay

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For any great reader, it is known that the 'book is always better than the movie.' Try as they may, moviemakers can never fully capture the author's magic from the original text. I am happy to say that this is not the case in the 2005 movie version of Pride and Prejudice. Jane Austen was a fabulous writer and her novels have captured the attention of booklovers for centuries. The screenwriter, Deborah Moggach, takes Austen's slightly rambling story and polishes it up and makes it easy for modern day people to understand.
In the days when fathers were forbidden, by law, to leave property to their daughters, two sisters, Elizabeth and Jane Bennet are being pressured to marry rich gentlemen. It is luck then, which brings two such young men,
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Through a series of misunderstandings, Jane and Charles are separated at the great dismay of the whole family. The main focus however, is Elizabeth and whom she chooses to marry. Many undercurrents and sub plots occur in the story. And with a house full of girls, how could it be different?
The costume and set designs in the movie are astoundingly realistic. Instead of looking like costumes and sets, the clothing looks like things a person would have worn or lived in during that period of time. While other versions of this same novel have elaborate costumes and fancy clothes, the costumes in the 2005 version are much simpler, which makes it seem much more real. Most of the filming took place in locations which were around when the novel was written, which eliminates the modernism of the movie. Unspoiled beauty was the order of the day in this version of Pride and Prejudice.
Kiera Knightly, who played Elizabeth Bennet, could also be described as an unspoiled beauty. Her acting is superb without being overly perfect. Other wonderful actors include Mathew Macfayden, Rosamund Pike, and Simon Woods as Darcy, Jane and Bingly, respectively. Throughout the whole film, an impression of not trying too hard is given off, which keeps it fresh, and the acting is no different. The actors know who their roles are and played them as real people, not dramatic overdone characters.
All in all, the plot,
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