Review of the Article 'Self-Forgiveness: The Forgotten Stepchild of Forgiveness Research'

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Counseling article review: Hall, Julie & Fincham, Frank D. (2005). Self-forgiveness: The stepchild of forgiveness research. Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology, 24 (5): 621-637 Summary The article "Self-forgiveness: The forgotten stepchild of forgiveness research" is a qualitative rather than a quantitative study of the phenomenon of self-forgiveness. The authors distinguish self-forgiveness versus forgiveness of an 'other' in an outwardly-directed fashion. They state that self-forgiveness has been under-studied in the existing literature. The beginning of the article is devoted to a literature review of existing writings upon the subject, with using a working definition of self forgiveness "as a set of motivational changes whereby one becomes decreasingly motivated to avoid stimuli associated with the offense, decreasingly motivated to retaliate against the self 地nd increasingly motivated to act benevolently toward the self" (Hall & Fincham 2005: 622). Self-forgiveness is said to be a positive development because it dissociates the individual's conception of the stable self from the bad behavior. Much like interpersonal forgiveness it is a conscious decision to move forward although it does not imply that the offending behavior is acceptable and should be ignored. (Hall & Fincham 2005:623). Even more so than interpersonal forgiveness, it implies the need for some sort of self-directed change. The phenomena of self and other-directed forgiveness are

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