Review of the Bail Bond System

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Kevin Hudson 3-29-2011 Prof. Kuennen Review of Bail Bond System To begin the process of bail, first there must be a suspect, an arrest, a police report filled out, and charges filed against the suspect. From here, there are five possible release options: own recognizance, property bond, cash bond, surety bond, and citation release. In the following paragraphs, I will present each of these topics and show how they are typically used. The most commonly used form of release from jail, until the court date, is own recognizance (O.R.) This program is used through the county or the specific law enforcement managed pre-trial program. In order to determine whether a suspect can be released by the own recognizance, a staff member of the…show more content…
The arraignment will usually be help anywhere from two week to a month from the date of the release. If the suspect were to remain in custody of the police at that point he will be transported to the court by the county or city facility in which he or she is being held. After Maurice Clemmons murdered four Lakewood Officers on a cold night in November, it took just over two months, February 2nd, 2010, for Governor Christine Gregoire to announce a review of the entire Washington State bail bond system. A new policy has been suggested that will put legislator right into the middle of the bail bonds war. With bail bond agencies undercutting each other, this causes to a serious problem of inmates getting released for less than what is asked of the state. In an article by OPB News, dated February 2nd, 2009, it was revealed that bail bond agencies were trying to get the most customers and were indeed “stealing” other agencies’ customers from them. This would happen through the mind of undercutting the other agencies by taking less than was required to release a suspect from their jail cell. In a particular case discussed by the newspaper article, Maurice Clemmons was released on a $190,000 bail after paying less than five percent, even with a required ten percent up front. With a different bail, Bad Boys Bail Bonds

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