Review of the Effective Executive

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The Effective Executive - Peter F Drucker

If you are ever stranded on that mythical deserted island, and can only have one management book, make this the book.
Peter Drucker died on November 11, 2005 at the age of 95. His life and work spanned sixty years and he left behind a body of knowledge and ideas that continue to influence all “knowledge workers” (a term Drucker coined back in the 60s) today. Drucker starts the book by stating that this book is about managing oneself and that executives who do not manage themselves cannot possibly expect to manage other people. He develops his ideas from real experience, supporting them using real-life stories of successes and failures taken from business and politics. The main premise is
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It provides a complete course in management in a thin book spanning less than 200 pages. This book is a concise source of concrete ideas that can be immediately put into practice. For those joining management from the technical world, this book is especially helpful.
One of the best points about this book is that it teaches is to give oneself large blocks of uninterrupted time to do more significant tasks. He warns us against cutting down on time spent with other people. It 's not only teaches one about the importance of setting priorities, but also how to do it. It 's a book that teaches not only the basics of decision making, but also that the most important thing about decision making is to have a method for it. Next, Drucker argues that we should focus on what will make a difference rather than unimportant questions. Beyond that, he points out that we have to build on our own strengths and those of the people in our organization. That is how we can outperform the competition and accomplish much more.
We also need to be systems thinkers, getting to the base of the issue first. If we are weak on new products, we need to work on the new product development process before fine-tuning our marketing. The best part is that Drucker provides questions in each section and also gives step-by-step instructions to focus one’s
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