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Review of the Panic Room

The deep and persuading voice of the salesman seemed to help Jade make her decision whether to buy the mansion or not. The salesman, smartly dressed, walked across the third floor landing to the main feature of the house, the panic room.

"This is the panic room, designed to enable you or the victims of a robbery or unlikely house invasion of some kind, to go into and stay safe. The steel door is12 inches thick, impossible to break into with any sort of tools. The panic room has state of the art electronic surveillance of the house, a separate telephone wire so the victims can call the police even if the main house telephone wires were to be cut. Also there is a huge
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Their new neighbourhood policeman passed by and he had a chat with Jade. She told him that they had just arrived today and then he carried on walking merrily. They were exhausted from all the packing so they left all their boxes of furniture downstairs while just setting up a TV in each of their rooms. It was getting late and the ferocious storm had eased Sarah into a gentle sleep while Jade was dreading the long day of more unpacking ahead of her. Outside it was jet-black and the trickling of rain on Jade's windowpane was anything put hypnotising.

While Jade and Sarah were sound asleep a gunmetal coloured truck pulled up beside the house. Three muscular men with black rucksacks jumped quietly out the vehicle. One of the three eyed up the house and gleamed as if it was a gold mine. They seemed to have no trouble with entering the house. They were stunned to see piles of boxes. At which point, their gleaming faces dropped in astonishment. One of the three shouted," Tom, what the hell are these doing here?" Tom's face was alarmed and he took a deep gulp, while a drop of sweat broke down the side of his cheek. Anxiously Tom remarked, "Err boss Sir, I swear this house was neglected and not even up for sale."

The boss's face turned around sideways and his evil red eyes stared back at Tom as if he was a brainless twit. The boss

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