Review on Mrs Trollope's Domestic Manners of Americans Essay

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Mrs. Trollope depicts her seemingly pleasurable exploration in America with caricature which grounded on the constantly comparison between the American domestic life with her own experience in Europe with pretension. I have to say that to some extent, this is good travel narrative full of exaggerated anecdotes rather than real description of Domestic manners of the Americans as the reader expected. Mrs. Trollope amused herself largely by sneering at the system of new nation America and its people and enjoyed her ascendency over the folly Americans. Why did she show such scornful attitude to American style?
The first reason I assume is that she was so eager to settle down in America to start her new life with her children there. Her real
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Similarly, Mrs. Trollope’s fortune did not grow rapidly as she wished, which make her more resentful to American so-called “free political institutions”.
As Mrs. Trollope failed to fulfill her previous dream before she left for America here. She has to enjoy it. And she did trying to find some follies of Americans to laugh at. Meanwhile she found some poor people to show her sympathy to make herself believe that she is still leading a better life over those wretched people. Mrs. Trollope amused herself with coming through the Phrenological society’s ephemeral fate on the 3rd day when subscriptions were expected to be paid. She shows great contempt on Miss Wright’s “ridiculous” conception on giving the blacks equal education to prove the human are equal. “Could this fact be once fully established, she conceived that the Negro cause would stand on firmer ground than it had yet done, and the degraded rank which they have ever held amongst civilized nations would be proved to be a gross injustice.” (Chapter 2) For example, Mrs. Trollope is trying to convince us that she is just a traveler. And Mrs. Trollope also deceives us the most convincing reason for why we should visit America is we will “feel the more contented with our own town”(Chapter 5) Moreover Mrs. Trollope arrogantly showed her sympathy for the women in Cincinnati for the absence of public amusement for fear that “all the ladies in

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