Reviewing A Qualitative And Quantitative Research Article

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Reviewing a Qualitative and Quantitative Research Article

Do not select a meta-analysis or systematic review

Qualitative Research Assignment

Directions: Type your article references in APA format and answer the following questions in complete sentences about the article. You do not have to provide in text citations in the answers. (2 points for grammatical issues) APA Reference (9.5 points) Questions (0.5 points each)

Critiquing Criteria derived from LoBiondo-Wood & Haber, 2010, p. 135-136

Article in APA format here:

Vejzovic, V., Wennick, A., Idvall, E., & Bramhagen, A. (2014). A private affair: children’s experiences prior to colonoscopy. Journal of Clinical Nursing, 24, 1038—1047. doi:10.1111/jocn.12661

1. What is the phenomenon of interest and is it clearly stated for the reader? The phenomenon of interest is the emotional experiences of children undergoing stressful testing such as colonoscopies and it’s clearly stated.

2. What is the justification for using a qualitative method? A qualitative study is subjective and results are not measurable. A qualitative method is appropriate in this situation because the study involves gathering and analyzing information regarding the children’s experiences.

3. What are the philosophical underpinnings of the research method? Qualitative researchers believe that an individual’s experience is unique. Therefore, there are multiple realities that can be understood by studying what the people can tell us or by what
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