Reviewing Magazines Essay examples

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Reviewing Magazines

National Geographic

I am reviewing a monthly magazine called "The National Geographic". This monthly magazine is priced suitably at £3.50 per magazine or £30 for a yearly order. The title of the magazine "Then National Geographic" is likely to appeal to those who are interested in the geographical content and the Natural world and beyond. The price is very favourable as it allows all socio-economic groupings to purchase it. As the magazine doesn't depend on advertising it has become a well established informative magazine in its own right. "The National Geographic" is a well known and well established company. Word of mouth is its advertising recommendation. The magazine
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Also this leads back to the content of the magazine, issues affecting not just one part of the world, but generally affecting the whole world.

The magazine balances out the text with pictures. Most of the articles, if not all of them actually have pictures to go with the content of the text not only making it very informative through reading but also through observing the detailed pictures. Such qualities allow magazines well expand on their target audience, allowing people with disabilities who can't read to understand what the article. One problem with the articles is that they are very lengthy so this type of magazine would be mainly suitable for competent readers.

Top Gear

Reviewing this magazine we learn that it is issued every month at a realistic price of £3.75. The title of the magazine "Top Gear" is well known as it co-insides with the BBC television programme. Immediately from reading the title we know that it is something to do with things in motion hence the "gear" part. When looking at the front cover it instantly becomes apparent that it is about cars. The target audience of "Top Gear" would be appealing to people interested in purchasing a new/used car who are seeking advice, general car lovers who like to read the reviews on cars or people

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