Reviews of the Television Version of the Sound of Music Essay

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First things first the television show Sound Of Music that was broadcasted in December 5th 2013 and was broadcasted on national televison channel called NBC the producers name was Craig Zadan and Neil Meron , the special had a cool cast such as a Carrie Underwood who stared in this show as Maria von Trapp. It was performed and televised live all over the country from a film studio in Bethpage , New York. The history of the show was very interesting so far and how they had famous actors such as Carrie Underwood , although there was criticism directly to Carrie Underwood who was casting in the show as Maria , many said that Carrie did not have much experience to play such a big role as Maria. It was said before that critics described …show more content…

Woah thats a lot of von Trapps you might say well there is a lot of them. Not just that but also there is credits to be credited including Rob Ashford and Beth Mccarthy-Miller as directors. So many cast members you also might say , but on September 16 , 2013 , NBC revealed the full cast of the special. Want to know a little bit more about the history well in The Sound Of Music Live was broadcasted live from a stage in Bethpage , New York in about a budget of 9 million dollars which was not much you may think but one of the producers named Zadan considered it to be "one of the profoundly complicated , amazing experiences we've ever had" Zadan said. If you didnt know before The Sound Of Music Live was aired as part of a push by NBC to air more live entertainment specials. As it was said before that the Sound Of Music was broadcasted among programs such as Sunday Night football , the show got in those rankings of views which is incredible ; the sound of music was watched by 18.62 million viewers and had a 4.6 rating in the 18-49 demographic it was one of the most viewed shows that was programmed at night.

Another topic that would be interesting to discuss would be on the sponsorships that The Sound Of Music recieved by big companies that are seen in every corner and city. This sponsorship must of helped a lot because this company is well known. The place that helped a lot

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