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Practice General Test #1
Answer Key for Sections 1-4

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Revised GRE® Practice Test Number 1

Answer Key for Section 1. Verbal Reasoning. 25 Questions.

Question 1

Answer: A. In various parts of the world, civilizations that could not make iron from ore fashioned tools out of fragments of iron from meteorites.

Question 2

Answer: A. An increased focus on the importance of engaging the audience in a narrative
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Question 18

Answer: C. It presents a specific application of a general principle.

Question 19

Answer: A. outstrip

Question 20

Answer: B. It is a mistake to think that the natural world contains many areas of pristine wilderness.

Question 21

Answer: C. coincident with

Question 22

Sentence to be Completed:
Dreams are BLANK in and of themselves, but, when combined with other data, they can tell us much about the dreamer. Answer: D. inscrutable, F. uninformative

Question 23

Sentence to be Completed:
Linguistic science confirms what experienced users of ASL—American Sign Language—have always implicitly known: ASL is a grammatically BLANK language, as capable of expressing a full range of syntactic relations as any natural spoken language. Answer: A. complete, F. unlimited

Question 24

Sentence to be Completed:
The macromolecule RNA is common to all living beings, and DNA, which is found in all organisms except some bacteria, is almost as BLANK. Answer: D. universal, F. ubiquitous

Question 25

Sentence to be Completed:
Early critics of Emily Dickinson’s poetry mistook for simple-mindedness the surface of
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