Revised Marketing Plan for Qantas

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MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION AWARDED BY NOTTINGHAM TRENT UNIVERSITY ASSIGNMENT SUBMISSION FORM Note: Students must attach this page to the front of the assignment before uploading to WECSERF. For uploading instructions please see the help file online Name of Student: Abhilash Vijayan Student Registration Number: SG 229 ------------------------------------------------- Module Name: Contemporary issues in strategic marketing Module Number: WEC-MBA-10-0506 Assignment Title: Revised marketing plan for Qantas Submission Due Date: 1st November 2009 Student’s Electronic Signature: Abhilash Plagiarism is to be treated seriously. Students caught plagiarizing, can be expelled from the programme Assignment…show more content…
1.2.3 Positioning Developments of a more appealing offer for each segment so that the customers are more likely to be delighted or at least satisfied. Positioning is the process of placing the product in a clear distinctive and desirable place in the mind of the competitors in order to gain an upper edge. After positioning is considered, appropriate marketing mixes have to be designed in order to communicate positioning (STP Market segmentation, n.d.) 1.2 Marketing MIX As per Ian Ruskin Brown and Greg Clark “ Marketing mix is the term used explaining the different elements comprising the offer that the different companies makes to their customers”. (Brown and Clarke, 2000:44). E.Jerome McCarthy in early 1960s came up with the four Ps in the marketing mix. According to him these 4ps are “ Product, price, place and promotion”.( McCarthy and Shapiro 1975: 35). Refer Appendix I for the pictorial representation. But the view of Richard Sandhusen is that the four marketing mixes should be ‘price, product, promotion and distribution’ (Sadhusen, 2000:319). According to Steven Stralser ‘in order to create a marketing strategy and plan that touch all the areas of marketing to position a product, maximise revenue etc a few more components have to be considered which are, Marketing segmentation, Marketing Strategy, Marketing research , Pricing, placement and value chain.’(Stralser,

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