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Revision for final paper Technology grows by leaps and bounds every day but there are people that refuse to use it or embrace it. It has become a part of everyday life, from using a microwave to heat a bowl of oatmeal to using a cell phone to see where a friend is. Some people are afraid of technology because it is either too difficult to understand, they fear that they won’t be able to keep up with the growing changes and advancements, or there is a fear of an invasion of privacy.
Technology seems to change faster than most can keep pace with even simple tasks like writing letters has changed dramatically over the past few decades. Twenty years ago, the postal system was the most common way for people to communicate through writing. …show more content…

However, people still fear technology and yet it has become easier to use.
The cause of this fear may come from past negative experiences with technology or computers and can influence other parts of their lives and have reluctant behavior towards all other technology assisted issues in society. When the experience in using technology is low, skills usually are also low and the willingness to learn even more or become a better user is low. People like this can develop negative attitudes towards technology and the behavior they can exhibit can be sometimes called technophobic. Fear of change, fear of time commitment, fear of appearing incompetent, fear of techno lingo, fear of techno failure, fear of not knowing where to start, fear of being married to bad choices, fear of having to move backward to go forward, fear of rejection or reprisals, are all parts of technophobia.
According to research by T.I. Mitzner, et. al. (2012, p. 1717) discovered that adults disliked technology because of increase mental effort in using technology, like a computer, or having to carry around a cell phone. This same research showed that these devices can be an inconvenience and cause disruptions in daily life. Frustration and anxiety are known to be part of the computer user’s life; almost all users at some point feel themselves frustrated. Frustration causes

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