Revision of a Letter

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Editorial Revisions ONE Revise a Letter Dear Sirs / Madams: I want to call your attention to the fact that I have not as yet received my paycheck this month. My name is Bill Thompson and I work in the Sales Department. My company ID number is A40568, and my social security number is 65-883-9053. Thank you for your attention to this matter. I know that you have a busy schedule and that it is possible that some checks get mislaid or there are possibly lapses in the databases you use to print and distribute payroll checks. Meanwhile, if you need additional information in order to locate my payroll information, you can reach me at 301-774-4987; also, my email address is I have been employed by the company since April, 2001, so my files should reflect that I have been here now for twelve years. Thank you very sincerely in advance for your attention to this issue. Very Truly Yours, Bill Thompson (301) 774-4987. TWO Technical Writing Revision Inclement weather has caused us to postpone the company picnic until next Thursday. Thank you and we'll see you there! THREE Remove Sexist Language Dear Ms. Fortin, We realize that sometimes employees rush to work and in their haste to get on the job and begin work, they neglect to clock in. While this could happen to anyone, the doctors would like to remind staff that it is important for doctors to know who is on duty and in which department each employee is currently engaged. This is
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