Revision to My New Testament Paper

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Rationale For the revision assignment I decided to revise my New Testament paper because I received my lowest grade on this paper. In my original paper Dr. Flaming made many suggestions on things that I should have done, such as: making my thoughts clearer, getting a true sense on what some of the verses mean, analyzing my text more, and focusing more on the writing and editing of my paper. I took all of her suggestions and comments into deep consideration when I was writing my revision. In the revised paper I made adjustments to my thesis, content, and really tried to work on my writing as a whole. Before I began to write my revision paper, I went back and reread my passage of James 2:14-26 to refresh my memory on the ideas that James presented. When I went back to the passage,I read it in the three translations like professor Flaming had us do when we received the New Testament paper assignment the first time. I decided to do this because I wanted to connect back to the passage like I did when I wrote it the first time. I needed all the ideas I had when I wrote the paper the first time to come back with some new ones also. When I went back and reread the passage in the different translation, it helped me to understand the message more and recognize new connections between the book of James and the Gospel of Matthew. In the first paper, I made many connections between Matthew and James. I stated that James alluded to Matthew’s many teachings, but what I realized when

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