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The reorganization of the world and the crumbling of the Ottoman Empire at the end of the First World War enabled the British Empire to help the Zionists create the Jewish State in Palestine. To arrive at this juncture the British occupied Egypt to protect their interests in India. However, British expansion went far beyond Egypt, they conquered lands throughout the Middle East, capturing Mesopotamia, Palestine and Syria. British’s successes came with the assistance of Arab nationalists who had a desire of their own independence from the Ottoman Turks. Arab nationalist, Husayn bin Ali allied with the British in their war against the Ottomans in exchange for the British’s support for an independent Arab state encompassing all of the Arab provinces…show more content…
One of the major concerns was the Arabs already living on the land the Jewish wanted to populate. Among the players who had different views was Ze’Ev Jabotinsky, a Jewish nationalist and the founder of the Revisionist Zionism. The Revisionist advocated that the Land of Israel should be encompassed all the land within the Palestine mandate and the immediate Jewish right to political sovereignty over the entire area. The Revisionists wanted to maintain the “territorial integrity” of the Land of Israel and objected to the partition of Palestine and advocated for the establishment of Israel on both banks of the River Jordan. Jabotinsky suggested that it was the “moral right” of the Jewish people to return to Palestine and the world had already “acknowledged this right.” Further, Revisionists believed it was impossible to have an agreement with the Arabs as long as they hope they could create their own independent state. Consequently, the Jewish must create a state regardless of the Palestinians resistance secured by an “Iron Wall” which would be unbreakable by the Palestinians. The iron wall would lead to a peace resolution with the Arabs after which the Jewish state would give them “civil and national rights.” Revisionist Zionism adamantly advocated the creation of a strong Jewish state to guarantee and protect the…show more content…
Along with the U.S. government support for the Jewish state is the Christian Millenarians who believed that the return of the Jewish people to the Land of Israel is a prophecy. Christian Millenarians believed in the End of Day Prophecy in which Jesus Christ will return to earth and Establishes God’s kingdom on earth and all sufferings will be eliminated. Millenarians regarded the Jews as the chosen people and the Land of Israel is the Promised Land. The commonality between the Christians and the Jews is that both religious want to find the red cow in order to fulfill the prophecy. The End of Day prophecy is maybe the impetus driving the support for the Jewish state among some Christian denominations since it is the place where Jesus Christ will return
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