Revitalize a Brand

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Revitalizing a Brand- Plaza Home Health Services
Donna L. Jones-Bryant
HSA 505
July 26, 2015
Dr. Becky Foster

Revitalizing a Brand- Plaza Home Health Services Plaza Home Health Services Plaza Home Health Services is a leader in providing home health services in Georgetown co-owned by Nancy Edwards and Jennifer Moore. Their pledge to provide exceptional home health service has commanded that their services be maintained at the maximum echelon, well above the competition. The entrepreneurs are relentlessly seeking methods to solidify their position in the market via economic control and deeper endeavors in constructing a brand that would be recognized as tantamount with unsurpassed quality home health service.

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By looking at how other organizations are performing, they can pinpoint areas where they are failing. Organizations are also able to detect techniques that can advance their own procedures short of reinventing the wheel. They are able to fast-track the course of transformation because they have models from other organizations in their industry to help influence their modifications (What is Benchmarking?, 2015). Benchmarking is vital in the process of assessing the ability of Plaza Home Health to provide service above market competitors. Based on the weaknesses and threats identified in the SWOT analysis it is crucial that

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