Revocation Power Of Attorney Essay

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Revocation Power of Attorney Form Texas You as signing principal of a durable, statutory, or general power of attorney have rights under the Texas Probate Code, section 488 to issue a revocation instrument using form LHT 96.1 Revocation Power of Attorney Form Texas to cancel the said power of attorney. However, this cancellation is not effective until you serve a written notice of revocation along with a copy of form LHT 96.1 to your appointed agent along with all parties relying on the power of attorney by certified mail with return receipt. You may need to file an instrument of revocation with the bank where you have filed a power of attorney on bank’s prescribed format. In addition to executing a revocation instrument your power of attorney cancels upon the occurrence of its natural date of termination, divorce with a spouse, your death, issuance of a new power of attorney, and incapacity declared by your agent to perform. However, you are not authorized to file any claim/suit in the court towards the unlawful use of power of attorney unless you send a revocation notice to all concerned parties by certified mail with return receipt. You must prepare the revocation instrument in line with the Texas Probate Code, section 488 to meet the conditions of governance of issuing such document of revocation and its legal execution. You may choose to use form LHT 96.1 or prepare your instrument of revocation on your own. However, please seek a consultation from a lawyer in case you do not understand any term or provision.…show more content…
Please make copies of this instrument for filing with all parties that rely on your power of attorney and authorize the agent on your
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