Revolts in the Philippines

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REVOLTS DURING THE SPANISH OCCUPATION IN THE PHILIPPINES Name | Leader | Time and Year | Cause of Revolt | Result of Revolt | Comment | 1. Dagami Revolt | Chief Dagami | 1565 - 1566 | re-establish the rights and powers that had traditionally belonged to tribal chiefs and Chinese traders. | The most important of those revolts led to the expulsion of a number of Chinese from the Philippines, but they were later allowed to return. | The revolt was unsuccessful because Chief Dagami was betrayed by Tupas | 2. Lakan Dula Revolt | Lakan Dula | 1574 | Governor Guido de Lavezares , the successor of Governor Leagazpi after his death, removed the exemption of Lakan Dula and his relatives from the tribute and forced labor. This was greatly…show more content…
The Jesuits first came to Bohol in 1596 and eventually governed the island and converted the Boholanos to the Catholic faith. | Tamblot a babaylan or native priest, urged his fellow Boholanos to return to the old native religion of their forefathers.The revolt began on the day when the Jesuits were in Cebu, celebrating the feast day of St. Francis Xavier. It was finally crushed on New Year's Day, in 1622. | The Revolt was Crushed | 11. Revolt of Bancao | Cheiftain Bancao | 1622 | The revolt against the Spanish Empire was caused by the intolerance of the friars. | The upraising endangered the Catholic faith in some parts of Visayas and eventually Bancao was defeated and killed by the Filipino Soldiers. | The revolt was a failure since the Bancao was killed. Again, Filipino Soldiers were used by the Spaniards to kill Filipinos who are on mutiny. | 12. Itneg Revolt | Miguel Lanab and Alababan | 1625-1627 | was a religious uprising against Spanish colonial rule led by Miguel Lanab and Alababan, two Christianized Filipinos from the Itneg or Mandaya tribe of Capinatan, in northwestern Cagayan, in the Philippines. The region is now part of the landlocked province of Apayao. Miguel Lanab and Alababan murdered, beheaded and mutilated two Dominican missionaries, Father Alonzo Garcia and Brother OnofrePalao, who were sent by the Spanish colonial government to convert the Itneg people to Christianity. After cutting Father

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